2020 Calendar and Schedule

COVID-19 UPDATE: Until further notice, all meetings will be held virtually, via video conferencing or teleconference.  Members automatically receive links to the meetings each month. Non-members are welcome to join these meetings free of charge but need to email Dave Suggs at dave@davesuggs.com  to gain access to the meetings.


January 2: Salon

Optional Theme: Winter Wonderland


 February 6: Speaker & Mini-Salon 

Jeff Adrian & Keith Bridges, “Getting Started With Minimal Costs: A Practical Demonstration Of Supplemental Flash" 

March 5: Salon

Optional Theme: "After Dark"

April 2: Salon 


May 7: Salon 

Optional Theme: "Arches"

June 4: Speaker & Mini-Salon

Michael Crouser, "Black & White Photography"  http://michaelcrouser.com


July 2: Speaker & Mini-Salon

Steve Gettle, "Caught in Motion--Photographing Action" https://stevegettle.com


August 6: TBD


September 3: Salon 

Optional Theme: "Cars"

October 1: Speaker & Mini-Salon 

Caroline Yang, Professional Photojournalist, www.CarolineYang.com

November 5: Salon 

Optional Theme: "Morning LIght"

December 3: 

Year-End Competition & Holiday Party 


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