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Realistic Winners

R.DLS.Old Man and his Birds.jpg

Dave Suggs

Old Man and His Birds

R.PAS.Opatija walk.jpg

Paul Sterns

Opatija Walk

R.LPO.Nothing like a good cigar.jpg

Lisa Olson

Nothing Like a Good Cigar

R.MGG.Brian May, PhD.jpg

Maggie Goshert

Brian May PHD

R.LKH.Dominican Cook.JPG

Ken Hiller

Dominican Cook

R.DLS.WWII T-6 Trainer.jpg

Dave Suggs

WWII T-6 Trainer

R.LLM.Love the Rust.jpg

Linda Miller

Love the Rust


Lia Huemoeller

Westminster Presbyterian Ceiling


Lori Greenleaf

Halong Bay

R.MGG.Uu Up and Away.jpg

Maggie Goshert

Up Up and Away

R.DLS.Old Man and his Shadow.jpg

Dave Suggs

Old Man and His Shadow