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Prepare images for salons


Resize photograph 
Images should fit within a box 1,920 pixels wide by 1,080 pixels tall.

This dimension provides the best quality display of the image.


Creative (C), Realistic (R),  N Nature(N) and Portrait (P),

Photojournalism/Street Photography (J),  Monochrome (M),


Labels for images
The first letter is the category.
(The letter of the category for the image).(your initials).(title of the image). 
Format JPG


Thus, if I was submitting an image of a waterfall, the title of the image file would be: N.DLS.Waterfall.jpg


Submissions for salons should be emailed to no later than 5 p.m. on the Tuesday preceding the next month’s meeting.  Later on that evening, or the following day, club members are sent a Dropbox link to all of the submissions so they may review the images, if they wish, before the meeting to facilitate discussion.


     Detailed Information

Images submitted to our salons may be in any one of the following six categories:

Nature (N) 

Nature photography is devoted to displaying natural elements such as landscapes, wildlife, plants, and close-ups of natural scenes and textures. A stronger emphasis is put on the aesthetic value of the photo. Human elements should be avoided unless they enhance the nature story. The presence of scientific bands on wild animals is acceptable. Digital enhancements are allowed that could have been done when the image was taken but do not change the truth of the original nature story. The addition, removal or combining elements from separate images or cloning are not acceptable. Images may be color or black and white. Electronic borders are not allowed on Nature images. 

Photojournalism/Street (J) 

Photojournalism images consist of pictures with informative content and emotional impact, including human interest, documentary, and news. The journalistic value of the photograph shall be considered over the pictorial quality. Photojournalism and street photography capture life as it is in a moment of time. Photographs which misrepresent the truth, such as manipulation to alter the subject matter, or situations or which are set up for the purpose of photography, are unacceptable. 

Realistic (R) 

A Realistic image is not limited in subject matter and any photographic or digital imaging treatment can be used in its creation. The only limitation is that the final image is basically realistic and the subject is easily recognized. Painterly, Artistic, Stylized, Distorted, Pixilated, Brush Strokes, HDR or other similar effects or filters are not appropriate in this category and should be entered in Creative. 

Creative (C) 

A creative image is not limited in subject matter, and any photographic process can be used in its creation. All manipulations and enhancements are allowed and encouraged. This category provides the photographer with the opportunity and challenge to display the broadest expression of imagination and creative thought. 

Monochrome (M) 

A Monochrome image is not limited in subject matter, and any photographic process or manipulation can be used in its creation. Toned prints are considered monochrome if only a single tone is added. Toned prints with 2 or more colors added are considered colored prints. 

Portrait (P) 

A Portrait is an image of a person, a group of people, or an animal, in which the face and expression is predominant. The objective is to display the likeness, personality or the mood of the subject. The subject's body and the background may be included to enhance the portrait. Images may be color or black and white.

Electronic files must have file names as follows:

Category letter (dot) Maker's 3 initials (dot) Image Title (dot) jpg.

For example, if John E. Smith enters a Nature image entitled Sunset, the file would be named: N.JES.Sunset.jpg.  If the image is submitted as an optional theme include the additional designation of "T" to the left of the "jpg".  Thus, if John Smith's image was in theme, the title of the file would be N.JES.Sunset.T.jpg. 



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